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Ultimate hospitality in Restaurant de Smockelaer in Slenaken

When you enter Restaurant de Smockelaer you will be embraced by the warm and homely atmosphere. At your table you will enjoy a delicious meal made with local organic products with a crackling log fire in the background. In nice weather you can sit on the terrace with stunning views of South Limburg’s Heuvelland. Experience our generous hospitality and enjoy a delicious meal in Restaurant de Smockelaer!

Delicious meals prepared with local produce

Restaurant de Smockelaer offers its guests only the very best. The fresh orange juice, for example, is really freshly squeezed. And if you are a lover of fresh meat then this is definitely the restaurant to visit. The meat from cows and pigs comes from a farm in the surrounding area and is completely organic. The cows, for instance, are always allowed to graze outside and never get penicillin. You can taste the difference.

"Using only the best of the best is so normal for us that we don’t shout it from the rooftops. We just do it. Why should I get it elsewhere if we have it here? " says owner Maurice Loo.

Ultimate hospitality

A breakfast, lunch or dinner can be very delicious, but the service and friendliness is perhaps even more important. The employees have a passion for their profession and they radiate it! Not only will you be warmly welcomed, but they’ll totally pamper you and assure that you lack nothing.

"We select our employees on the basis of friendliness and passion for the job. A matter of marketing? Well, no. To me it’s more about a way of life." says owner Maurice Loo.

Restaurant for the whole family in Slenaken

For children the Smockelaer is one big paradise. And of course our kitchen knows how to handle children’s 'culinary' wishes. While you enjoy a snack and a drink and have a friendly chat, the children can play outside on the playground. And if the weather’s not so good they can still enjoy themselves. There’s a children's table, a children’s 'smockelaer library', a children's play area and funny 'for children only' toilets.

Opening hours

Restaurant de Smockelaer is open 7 days a week from 11:00. The kitchen is open from 12:00 to 20:00. We are happy to prepare the tastiest dishes for you.